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Dirt Candy: A Cookbook

More than any other comic book I have read this is actually a book about food rather than food being an accessory to the story. Dirt Candy is a famous New York City vegetarian restaurant and this book is a comic cookbook from owner / chef Amanda Cohen and Ryan …



Sasakura Ryu is a mixology prodigy, known for his “glass of the gods” an innate ability to provide the perfect drink for the perfect moment. Recently returned to Japan he is looking to find the perfect venue at which to showcase his talent. Ryu works at the bar Lapin and …


Happy Cafe (Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume)

Uru is a high school student who moves out on her own after her mother remarries. Seeking to provide the happiness to others that she sees in customers leaving a popular restaurants she looks for a job in a cafe. Uru finds love and happiness with the quirky characters who …


What did you eat yesterday? Kinou nani tabeta?

What did you eat yesterday? (Kinou nani tabeta) is one of the finest food mangas I have found to date. The story is engaging and modern and the food analysis is excellent. It is genuinely a delightful read, enough so that I read the first two books in a day …


Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Yukihira Soma is a high school student in Japan and the son of a small family restaurant owner. His father decides to travel the world cooking and sends his son to an elite culinary boarding school during his absence. This is no ordinary school but a “diamond maker” – a …


Wolverine: In the Flesh

 I’m not going to lie this is an odd comic to exist. This is a standalone one shot comic book from the Marvel Universe featuring Wolverine and celebrity chef Chris Constantino. The story is an unlikely  sidebar for Wolverine who is visiting San Francisco when a serial killer starts attacking …


Working!! (Wagnaria)

 Working!! focuses on the staff at the Wagnaria restaurant in Hokkaido, a standard Japanese style family restaurant serving counter meals, coffee and dessert. The main protagonist Takanashi Sota is hired in a desperate hurry by his high school senior the diminutive Tamunashi Popura who supervises the part time staff at …


Rutabaga the Adventure Chef

 Rutubaga is an Adventure Chef! Which adds to up to a food hunting, fridge carrying chef from fantasy land. With his friends he roams the land on the hunt for adventure (and delicious mushrooms!) He’ll fight a dragon, feed a king’s pet and entertain vikings. It might not be very informative but …



Itsu Kana is an orphan working at a vineyard with a wealthy benefactor. One day she is asked by the philanthropist to come work in his flashy Tokyo restaurant as a sommeliere. Set in the boom period of flashy Japanese business dinners there’s plenty of wealthy clientele to impress and …

Cooking Papa Cover

Cooking Papa

Cooking Papa is a “slice of life” food comedy about the kitchen antics of a man who loves to cook for his family. Set during the boom time of 1980s Japan Araiwa Kazumi (the titular character) tries to balance work and family life with the high expectations of office life. …