Addicted to Curry

546216-addicted_to_curry_v_41Addicted to Curry is the story of Sonezaki Yui, a schoolgirl, whose father is the owner of Curry House Cooking Ganesha. Yui, who frequently adopts strays and starving animals she finds on the street, one day finds a young man lying in the road and, out of her good nature, wants to give him something to eat. She trips and hits him in the face with a soda can, and runs away. The young man, Koenji Makito, follows her curry scent back to the restaurant.

At first, Yui thinks that Koenji is going to kill her for throwing food at him, but it turns out that he's a nice guy who knew and was looking for Yui's father, Souichirou. Yui tells Makito that the restaurant is going out of business and that her father Souichiro has left on a journey with the goal of improving his cooking abilities, pretty much leaving her alone with the restaurant. Koenji who is in debt to both Yui and her father decides to team up with Yui in order to save the restaurant.

Addicted to Curry combines a number of standard manga story modes – an abandoned child is left to manage the family home and business, at the same time bitter rivalries and cooking competitions occur. The main restaurant in the story is the "little engine that could" which quickly grows a band of loyal followers who help the main characters fight on and beat the "bad guys". The team encounter mobsters, corporations and rival restaurants. They found a food truck, provide diet tips and have a little romance along the way. 

Food analysis & recipes

Regular very detailed curry recipes are littered throughout the manga with one detailed dish recipe included in each chapter. Recipes are functional and well thought out, dictating fresh herbs and shopping instructions. Accompaniments like raita and bread are also discussed. The history of some ingredients and their introduction to Japan is discussed throughout the story.

Cooking tips are included throughout the story and include some excellent ideas for managing herbs and spices in curry. Japanese, Indian and fusion curries all feature, so don't expect endless discussion about Curry Rice.

Addicted to Curry featured food consulting from legendary Japanese gourmande Morieda Takeshi


  • Standard manga artwork for romantic comedies – lots of soap opera style portraits

  • Comedy scenes use chibi and simple art work

  • Some fan service shots including nudity and many pretty girls

  • No detailed images of food

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This comic is not currently licensed for English publication, fan scanlations are available