A Chef of Nobunaga

A chef by the name of Ken, travels back in time to the Sengoku (warring states) period. However, he loses his memory in the process. He is thought to be a spy, and in his haste to escape capture, he dives into the river. He is saved by Natsu, a swordsmith. He doesn’t remember his own past, or the fact that he came from the future, but he remembers cooking well. He is soon recruited by Oda Nobunaga one of the warlords to be his Head Chef.

The story focusses more on the battle campaign; this is a historical drama as much as it is a food comic. If you like war history or comic book serials like Lone Wolf and Cub this series will appeal. With only 10 very readable volumes with beautiful artwork this is an easy commitment.

Food analysis & recipes

Ken uses his knowledge of food and Japanese history to create dishes with the resources available to him on the combat trail. As well as having limited cooking equipment he is also hampered by the sheer number of modern Japanese dishes that are adapted from foreign ingredients. Without curry, tomatoes or French cuisine he frequently has to pause and think about the environment he is surrounded by. He uses old wive’s tales to consider the effect of the food on his companions and their battles to great success!


  • Historically accurate sketches are made of key historical figures, castles, armour and food
  • Detailed black and white illustrations of key dishes in the story


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This comic is not currently licensed for English publication, fan scanlations are available