Get Jiro!


Anthony Bourdain is the celebrity chef who authored the raw ‘behind the scenes’ book Kitchen Confidential and long running TV gourmet travel series like No Reservations. A comic book fan of old he turned his hand to writing a comic book in the form of Get Jiro!

Jiro is an ex yakuza and zen sushi chef just trying to make some good food. In a time when food rules the world and a talented chef is worth fighting for Jiro comes to the attention of two rival warlords.

Bourdain’s surprisingly violent story mocks the world of the factory farmed corporate restaurant and the organic hyper hippie equally in this ‘mirror to the real world’ fantasy crime story.

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This isn’t a comic book about food so much as a fantasy imagining of a world gone mad where Instagram foodies rule the world and chefs are the new organised criminals. Ergo it isn’t a book about the food itself but revenge porn for chefs, I can only imagine this is what goes through Anthony Bourdain’s head as he reads self important food blogs and bad reviews.


  • Full colour Western comic style influenced by Japanese woodblock print
  • Detailed portrayal of violence – not suitable for young readers
  • Beautiful artwork of scenery and portraits
  • Some detailed imagery of sushi / sashimi dishes

Get-Jiro-4 getjirop1GetJiro_1


  • None

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