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Cooking Papa is a “slice of life” food comedy about the kitchen antics of a man who loves to cook for his family.

Set during the boom time of 1980s Japan Araiwa Kazumi (the titular character) tries to balance work and family life with the high expectations of office life. At a time when domestic roles had strong gender boundaries in Japan his career driven wife and love of cooking is an oddity.

Cooking Papa spends as much time as possible trying to cover up his tracks and attribute his dishes to his clumsy undomesticated wife. His staff and colleagues slowly learn his true secret – all while trying to steal his beautifully packed bento lunches.

The story is a really heartwarming tale of a family that loves to eat and loves each other; very light reading but good when you’re feeling blue.

Food analysis & recipes

Cooking Papa focusses as much on the people in the story and the every day madness of a busy salary man but still takes time to talk about the food.

Instructions for food preparation are littered throughout the story and many tips are given on healthy eating, fussy eaters and preparing food for children. A featured recipe is included in each chapter focusing on events in the story.


  • Mostly comedic artwork with simplified images of frantic office workers and post work parties
  • Dishes are sketched in further detail, many images of kitchen duties and clean up
  • Very family friendly

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