Rutabaga the Adventure Chef

rutabaga_cover Rutubaga is an Adventure Chef! Which adds to up to a food hunting, fridge carrying chef from fantasy land. With his friends he roams the land on the hunt for adventure (and delicious mushrooms!) He’ll fight a dragon, feed a king’s pet and entertain vikings.

It might not be very informative but it is very fun, worth a buy if you like Dungeons & Dragons parodies like Adventure Time, Knights of the Dinner Table or Order of the Schtick.

Food analysis & recipes

There are the occasional fantasy recipes throughout but they require a little imagination and license to actually make a meal.

Each chapter the main character adventures for fortune and glory – or at the very least magical ingredients to put in his sentient pot and traveling refrigerator.


  • Juvenile style adventure artwork
  • Simple dungeon and dragon hack and slash



  • None

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