Itsu Kana is an orphan working at a vineyard with a wealthy benefactor. One day she is asked by the philanthropist to come work in his flashy Tokyo restaurant as a sommeliere.

Set in the boom period of flashy Japanese business dinners there’s plenty of wealthy clientele to impress and fancy bottles of wine to import. At the same time Kana explores affordable and alternative wines that can be bought on her limited income.

Who is the mysterious Mr Smith? Why does he want Kana to work in Tokyo? Will the vineyard survive?

Food analysis & recipes

Sommeliere has detailed information on one wine per chapter. Information on the grape blend, wine maker and vintage are included but sadly the information does not extend to other wines in the category. At the end of each chapter tasting notes are given for the wine and a photo is included of the label.


  • Drama manga style artwork – detailed portraits with some background detail
  • Highly detailed sketches of wine bottles, labels, storage and production facilities
  • Tasting notes include photographs of the bottle



  • None

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