Wolverine: In the Flesh

WOLVFLESH2013001-DC11-LR-b9aba I’m not going to lie this is an odd comic to exist. This is a standalone one shot comic book from the Marvel Universe featuring Wolverine and celebrity chef Chris Constantino.

The story is an unlikely  sidebar for Wolverine who is visiting San Francisco when a serial killer starts attacking and butchering local residents. With the bodies butchered like animals Wolverine calls on the experctise of local chef Constantino to examine the bodies and help solve the crime.

Essentially this comic is a professionally produced Mary Sue story where Constantino miraculously is available to help save the day and adventure with the comic super hero. I suspect that Constantino is a comic book fan who jumped at the chance to have a comic produced based on his celebrity. He wrote the comic as well as being the star of the story.

There are some cute jokes for the San Francisco resident but otherwise this isn’t a great comic book – being a one shot though it is a small financial commitment.

Food analysis & recipes

There is no real food analysis to speak of, the only real references to food are the portrayal of Constantino as a chef and some scenes set in his restaurant.

At the end of the comic the chef makes Wolverine one of his iconic dishes.


  • Full colour superhero comic style artwork
  • Detailed portrayal of violence and dead bodies – not suitable for young readers
  • Some artwork of cooking at Constantino’s restaurants

wolverine14 WOLVFLESH2013001-int-LR-4-f79cf Wolverine_In_the_Flesh_Vol_1_1_Textless


  • None

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