Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Shokugeki_no_Souma_Volume_1Yukihira Soma is a high school student in Japan and the son of a small family restaurant owner. His father decides to travel the world cooking and sends his son to an elite culinary boarding school during his absence. This is no ordinary school but a “diamond maker” – a huge wealthy organisation that uses intense competition to weed out unworthy students. With only 10% of the accepted students expected to graduate the school population are embroiled in an ongoing status war where kitchen battles determine who comes out on top.

Ruled with an iron fist by the super taster student council lead Nakiri Erina who translates the soul of each dish into rich visual images. Yukihira uses his natural talent and his growing group of friends at the school to prove that soulful cooking is more important than expensive ingredients and that wealth and status will only get you so far. Each episode features a kitchen battle against students and staff at the school – each contestant must offer a worthy prize if they fail. Yukihira’s expulsion is definitely high on everyone’s list but he’ll battle through for good grades, the good opinion of his teachers,  the school’s many cooking clubs and more.

Food analysis & recipes

Food Wars contains food analysis throughout the story. As each character prepares dishes or prepares for a food war they discuss quality of ingredients, cooking techniques and seasonings. Many of the dishes designed to win each cooking battle have a “twist” – a special technique or unusual ingredient that will make it magical.

Unlike more fantastical food comics (like Yakitate Japan!) the techniques and specials are all viable cooking approaches. The main character focuses on making the most of simple dishes and ingredients through cultural fusion and cooking skill making many of the tips usable for the home cook. Star recipes are included at the end of each chapter with step by step instructions.


  • Very detailed artwork of cooking techniques and final dishes
  • Detailed panoramas of the “soul of the taste” for each dish like angel’s kisses, spring time meadows or zen meditation vistas
  • High quality portraits cut with simpler comedic dialogue panels
  • Some mature content during tasting imagination scenes. PG rated no full nudity

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