Happy Cafe (Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume)

happycafe01Uru is a high school student who moves out on her own after her mother remarries. Seeking to provide the happiness to others that she sees in customers leaving a popular restaurants she looks for a job in a cafe.

Uru finds love and happiness with the quirky characters who work at the cafe and fight for her affection. Satsuki is a surly patissier with a heart of gold and abandonment issues. Ichirou is a food obsessed waiter with a sleep disorder. Wackiness ensues!

This is hardly literature but for fans of the romance manga genre this will please. As a foodie this is not the best buy.

Food analysis & recipes

Happy Cafe is a high school romance / comedrama set in a cafe, the food preparation is a back ground to the story rather than a focus of the comic.


  • Simple comedic artwork and romantic style portraits of the men in the story
  • Occasional detailed pictures of cakes and parfaits
  • Family friendly – suitable for middle / high school age readers

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