bartender-l0Sasakura Ryu is a mixology prodigy, known for his “glass of the gods” an innate ability to provide the perfect drink for the perfect moment. Recently returned to Japan he is looking to find the perfect venue at which to showcase his talent.

Ryu works at the bar Lapin and serves multiple customers searching out their problems and applying cocktails as the perfect solution (just like any real bartender!). This is a fun food fantasy but little character development really exists. There are two other recurring characters – Kurushima Taizo a hotel magnate and his grandaughter Miwa. Taizo is the perfect cranky old man archetype, hard to impress but intrigued by Ryu’s ability. As the story progresses Ryu opens his own bar but the story continues with tales of drink matching and “customer of the week” scenarios. Free from unnecessary levels of forced drama and romance this is actually a really fun read even if I would have liked to see a little more about how to manage a new business.

Food analysis & recipes

Throughout the story the production of each cocktail is shown, sometimes illustrating tools and techniques in the drink. Drink recipes are included at the end of each chapter.




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