Dirt Candy: A Cookbook

51Atvt3k+cL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_More than any other comic book I have read this is actually a book about food rather than food being an accessory to the story. Dirt Candy is a famous New York City vegetarian restaurant and this book is a comic cookbook from owner / chef Amanda Cohen and Ryan Dunlavey.

The comic book talks about the restaurant, the staff at the restaurant and how they operate the venue. It also teaches not only recipes but good techniques for cooking for the beginner to the seasoned expert.

Many recipes are included and are excellent particularly if you are looking to expand your vegetarian cooking from sides to being the main attraction. Gluten free and vegan recipes are heavily throughout.

The book is relatively short on story and character development but instead offers a rare and unique view into the world of a bustling New York restaurant. Food TV fans will be excited to know more about Amanda Cohen who is a regular on the American version of Iron Chef. This would make an excellent gift for a teen learning to cook for the first time.

Food analysis & recipes

This is an actual cookbook and many recipes appear throughout. Comics illustrate common cooking techniques and restaurant operations. This is an extremely in depth food comic for preparation and analysis.


  • Family friendly artwork and content
  • Newspaper strip style comedic artwork
  • Detailed pictures of cooking preparation

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Available for purchase from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback format